My retinas are bleeding: The MBPr

It is so fabulously sharp. So magnificently crisp.


I did it. I spent a shitload of eurobucks on a laptop. An Apple laptop. Again. And it joins our growing family of other apple products. Tell this to ten-years-ago me and he’d be all like ‘U MAD?’. But this is now and let’s not looking backwards.

My eyes have now been embraced by this monstrous magnitude of pixels for a matter of hours, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. The IPS-panel is thoroughly impressive. What is also thoroughly impressive is the sheer speed of everything. Used to a 2010-model, with C2D and a 320M, this is a beast in comparison. Near instant Adobe software launches, impossible!

Being all giddy about finally receiving the machine (Ordered a day after launch, arrived yesterday) helps with overlooking the negative things. Half of the apps look really bad and the other half is a mixture of nice looking system fonts combined with blur and pixels. Oh and then there’s the three and a half apps that fully support all the magnificent retina pixel-pushing glory. Aperture looks nice. And the Chrome Canary -build. But I’ll wait patiently. It’s just a matter of months until everyone will have adopted the new Apple standard! (see FireWire, Thunderbolt). In all seriousness though, many of the apps not retinafied don’t look half as bad as I thought they might. Photoshop, for instance, was entirely usable, just not that pretty to look at. And the fuzziness brought back some warm memories of a 19″ Compaq CRT I had as a kid.

There is some noticeable lag doing certain tasks, like scrolling on some websites, as reported by others as well. Aperture was also not as smooth an experience I might have liked, and that’s not counting the fact that I’m more used to Lightroom. We’ll wait and see ’til Mountain Lion. By then I’ll be likely to make yet another addition to our happy fruity family in the form of an Apple TV, in the hopes of AirPlay mirroring¬†being able to replace this HDMI cable I have running through our living room.

Now I should probably proceed with some rigorous hardware testing in the form of, say, Civilization V. And it’s such a nice day outside, what a shame.

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